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Methods to use Keywords for SEO and Web Sustainability

Posted on December 30, 2013 at 2:05 pm

Keyword optimization is a well-known strategy for helping people find your content, both through search engines like google and yahoo and when searching within a site. But do you know that by following SEO best practices you may even be making your website greener? That’s because web servers and devices that customers use to browse the net both use electricity. lots of electricity. And most electricity is generated by sources that aren’t renewable or clean.

The more findable content is, the fewer irrelevant content someone should battle through find what they’re searching for. Fewer pages loaded means fewer server requests are being made, and that fewer photos and videos are being loaded. Sometimes, the shopper can also emerge as spending rather less time on their phone, tablet or computer. All of that ends in tiny energy savings, and people savings add up.

Now that you simply understand the relationship between findability and sustainability, let’s take an in depth study tips to improve the findability of content through page level keyword optimization, a well-liked SEO technique.

Keyword Optimization: Where to put Focus Keywords

In order to optimize a page for a spotlight keyword, you might want to place it in multiple different places on a page. Except your homepage or landing pages where you can have got to optimize for several keywords with regards to your products and repair offerings, in reality, you need to optimize a page for a single keyword or keyword phrase.

After you’ve selected a spotlight keyword for a page, here’s where you have to place it:

In the Title Tag of every Page

The first place that you really want to position your focus keyword or keywords is within the title tag of every page.

Examples of an optimized title for a homepage:

  • Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More Online Shopping | eBay
  • Shoes, Clothing, and More |
  • Shop clothes for girls, men, maternity, baby, and youngsters | Gap

Examples of an optimized title for a subpage:

  • Electronics | eBay
  • Popular Men’s Shoe Styles |
  • Womens Clothes: jeans, tops, skirts, dresses, pants | Gap

Optimized title tags have certain characteristics:

In the outline Tag of every Page

The next place that you really want to lay your focus keyword(s) is inside the description tag of every page. That’s the brief description that shows up in search results, or while you share a page on Facebook or LinkedIn. While this description ought to be written for humans and never for se’s, you ought to include your keyword once or more. Write your descriptions in plain English, using compelling language that will make a customer desire to click a link. Optimized page descriptions need to be 150 characters or less. Longer descriptions should be truncated in Google with an ellipses (…).

In the most Body of your Content

Include your focus keyword 2-thrice, including once inside the first paragraph of the page. More often than not, engines like google are going to read things that seem so as first they usually may or won’t get around to reading things that seem lower on a page. It’s recommended that duplicate on each page be no less than 300 words for SEO purposes.

In a Heading inside the Article

Headings, that are often labeled “Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3″, etc. or “H1, H2, H3″ in a content management system, help summarize a page’s contents.

Headings ought to be written to both include focus keywords, and to summarize what comes next. This helps people, and spiders, scan a page quickly to work out what’s most relevant to them. It’s also an accessibility best practice, because screen readers enable visually impaired people to leap from heading to heading for you to quickly get to the section that’s most relevant to them. When you consider it, the spiders that crawl websites also can’t see: they can’t see photos, multimedia content, or fancy font styles on a page. So it makes quite a lot of sense that SEO best practices also are often accessibility best practices.

How to use Keywords for SEO and Web Sustainability

This example from the space shows headings that help customers navigate to the way of jeans that they’re searching for.

Within your Page URL

Another place that you can put your focus keyword is in the URL of your page. Here’s an example from this post:

How to use Keywords for SEO and Web Sustainability

In this instance, we’ve optimized the URL for the terms “SEO,” “keywords,” and “sustainability.”
Sometimes it’s not practical to incorporate your keyword within the URL of every page. That’s okay. Your URLs has to be short, descriptive and human-friendly, helping the reader (and spider) accurately predict what’s on that page. i like to recommend using hyphens to split words rather than underscores. Avoid special characters (equivalent to smart quotes or ampersands), that can break URLs. Hence, whenever possible, attempt to configure your content management system so that they can manually edit your URLs in place of having them generated automatically from the headline of the page.

Within Image ALT Tags

As i discussed above, serps cannot “see” photos or multimedia content, so a variety of accessibility best practices also are SEO best practices. When writing an alt tag for a picture you have to write a brief sentence that describes the content of the photo, both for individuals and for spiders. Whenever it’s practical and appropriate in your human readers, make sure to also include focus keywords for your alt text.

Note that once a picture contains text, the alt tag should include a duplicate of that text in order that visually impaired individuals and spiders can read the text. Put your keyword phrase as with regards to the start of your alt tag as possible. Similarly, videos must also be labeled with appropriate meta information reminiscent of a clearly written title and outline (if not a transcript of the video) a good way to be understood by a search engine.

Keyword Optimization: Put it into Practice

I hope that this text has given you a pragmatic understanding of ways to do page level keyword optimization. By following these best practices you may yield a number of advantages: driving traffic for your site, making your content more findable, improving accessibility and reducing your website’s carbon footprint.

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Best Free PSDs of 2013

Posted on December 28, 2013 at 11:20 am

We started our “Best of 2013″ series with the right Free Fonts of 2013. For this week, we’ve went back through the entire UI PSDs that we’ve covered over the last year and picked those that actually stand out. Because there are such a lot of marvelous ones to sift through, it’s always a hard choice, but listed here are those we expect are the most efficient of the perfect.

About the Author

I love communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Web writer, portuguese/english translator and co founding father of @refilmagem & @mentaway Twitter: @gismullr

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13 Minimalist Web Designs on your Inspiration

Posted on December 26, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Minimalist web designs, when properly done, are always a fine source of inspiration. It is extremely interesting to peer how designers approach the duty of delivering a project in an easy way. Keeping only important elements within the layout and eliminating things that aren’t essential. And keep in mind that possible use colors in a minimalist website, so don’t worry about having to paste to neutral colors. Try out the examples we’ve here and provides a shot to the minimalist approach for your next project.

About the Author

I love communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Web writer, portuguese/english translator and co founding father of @refilmagem & @mentaway Twitter: @gismullr

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13 Colorful & Inspiring Websites

Posted on December 23, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Coming up with the correct color palette for an online design may be probably the most important parts of the design process, and likewise one of the crucial challenging. While existing branding usually has the most important influence on what colors are used, other factors can come into play. For this post, we’ve gathered a set of websites that use color in a tremendous way and are certain to give you big inspiration.

About the Author

I love communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Web writer, portuguese/english translator and co founding father of @refilmagem & @mentaway Twitter: @gismullr

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10 Resources That can assist you Become More Active within the Website design Community

Posted on December 22, 2013 at 2:27 pm

Designers in addition to developers have always been an in depth-knit group (there always appears to be an issue you will have help with, right?), but online interaction and presence amongst this industry has only recently started growing over the past few years. While social media and forums became a need quickly for a lot of professions—marketers, writers, sales representatives, etc.—it wasn’t something the event and design community jumped on right now. Now that it truly is changing, it’s more important than ever to become involved. The question then becomes easy: If I’m a developer and/or designer and need to be more active within the online community, where do I even start?

10 Resources To Help You Become More Active in the Web Design and Development Community Image by Christopher Lee

Top 3 Best Forums for Developers and architects (and the way to Get entangled)

Visiting a forum and interacting with others is a smart method to hear about new ideas and share your knowledge. You can also make connections with people who understand something you would possibly not, which may come in useful at some point. It’s easy to do and forums are usually moderated so that you know you’re speaking to real individuals with real answers.

Below are a number of the best forums specifically for web developers and architects:

  • Forrst. This isn’t a standard or overly popular forum, but when you really get to reading you’re realize there are various of quality people participating. The main focus is on design (split up into categories like interaction and visible) and code review, and the discussions are among the liveliest I’ve seen.
  • Stack Overflow. i believe this forum is superb as it allows readers to engage while not having to respond to or ask an issue. In other words, users can vote the reply which you thought was best to the pinnacle, so when you’re reading during the forum questions you’re reading worthwhile answers first. Anybody can ask, anybody can answer, and anybody can vote. There’s also no registration required, that is quite unique.
  • Web Developer. That’s among the more popular forums (you’ll surely find it on the top of your SERP) and therefore has a big amount of knowledge. You should register before you can begin posting, but you’ll be sure that your answer goes to get lots of visibility in this site.

Top 3 Developers to Follow on Social Media and Why They Matter

If you don’t need to be overly consumed with social media you don’t should be, but there are some industry experts you want to consider following in an effort to learn additional info quickly. some of these experts and their Twitter accounts are listed below:

  • John Resig. John Resig is the creator of jquery, a JavaScript programmer, and author, so it’s safe to assert he knows his stuff. His Twitter is excellent because he doesn’t over-do it with posting but he’s consistent enough that you simply know he’s putting out probably the most relevant information. What’s cool about his social accounts is that he often posts questions and answers and let’s us know where we will find him speaking or answering questions.
  • Gina Trapani. Although she may have 300,000 followers on Twitter, she keeps it together and posts lots of her own content at the social network. She’s the cofounder and CTO of ThinkUp and is unquestionably probably the most more influential women developers obtainable today.
  • Eric A. Meyer. i like this profile because he really answers questions and responds to those that have comments about HTML or CSS. He’s maybe none of the top people within the industry (he didn’t start any major company, although is reputable, or create any major program), but he knows his stuff. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and accessible, and with 22,000 tweets you may say he’s very active.

Top 3 Development and Design Blogs to be Reading

This is one area where developers usually find time, but it’s important to also engage and have interaction with different blog posts. Below features a list of popular company blogs, but additionally international and private blogs:

  • Smashing Magazine. One in all my favorites and one of the crucial popular. With a very easy to read layout and content from a few of the top developers inside the industry, you truly can’t get it wrong.
  • Scott Hanselman. This wasn’t a blog that i used to be overly acquainted with, but seems he puts out great content. He talks with you as though he knows what you’re dealing with and knows what it’s desire to be an exact programmer and never only a company who hired writers to discuss programming.
  • OXP (One Xtra Pixel). This blog puts a spotlight on design in addition to development and reads more like a fun blog than a really perfect information blog. It covers topics starting from working from home to more technical subjects, but always with a groovy graphic to check.

10 Resources To Help You Become More Active in the Web Design and Development Community Image by Neway Lau

Bonus: Community News Blog for Developers

A community news blog lets you offer your personal content to the blog. In other words, you are able to visit the blog and skim the very best content from across the web on a community news blog. To be able to submit your individual news (within the type of a piece of writing, needless to say), you’re able to. One of the crucial popular options includes:

  • CSS Drive. It is a huge site that’s layed out identical to a news site, so that you have an awful lot taking place quickly. Nonetheless, the location does a great job of creating it easy to navigate and only publishes the foremost newsworthy content. It does have a negative reputation amongst some, but it’s worth finding out for yourself to work out where you stand.

10 Resources To Help You Become More Active in the Web Design and Development Community Image by Dmitriy Igoshin

In the top, getting active for your community is a superb strategy to not just make connections, but in addition draw inspiration. Design particularly is a field where you may be creative and bounce ideas off others, and the community knows that and desires to assist. Make it part of your morning routine or have a look around earlier than you’re about to go to lunch.

Do you recognize of an ideal way to get more all for the developer community? Tell us your story and your thoughts within the comments below.

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Best Free Fonts of 2013

Posted on December 20, 2013 at 10:43 am

It’s that point of year again, time for our “Best of 2013” series, where we glance back over the last year and pick our favourite freebies and resources. To kick things off, we’ve went back through each of the free fonts we’ve discovered previously year, and selected those that we feel stand out above the remainder. Be sure to download your favorites to begin 2014 right – with a fresh font library.

V.GER Grotesque

Best Free Fonts of 2013

Best Free Fonts of 2013


Best Free Fonts of 2013

Hapna Mono

8 Fresh Free Fonts
8 Fresh Free Fonts

Savu Condensed

Best Free Fonts of 2013
Best Free Fonts of 2013


Best Free Fonts of 2013
Best Free Fonts of 2013


Best Free Fonts of 2013


Best Free Fonts of 20130

Track Type

Best Free Fonts of 20131

Best Free Fonts of 20132

Dense Regular

Best Free Fonts of 20133
Best Free Fonts of 20134


Best Free Fonts of 20135

Best Free Fonts of 20136


Best Free Fonts of 20137

Best Free Fonts of 20138

Best Free Fonts of 20139


Best Free Fonts of 20130

Best Free Fonts of 20131

About the Author

Best Free Fonts of 20132

I love communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Web writer, portuguese/english translator and co founding father of @refilmagem & @mentaway Twitter: @gismullr

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11 Great Examples of Video Backgrounds in Website design

Posted on December 18, 2013 at 3:39 pm

Video backgrounds were certainly highly regarded during 2013. And because this trend remains staying strong among designers, we decided to collect a couple of examples of internet sites using this method of grab the notice in their visitors. The important thing with video backgrounds is to correctly optimize so that you accelerate load times without sacrificing quality.

About the Author

I love communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Web writer, portuguese/english translator and co founding father of @refilmagem & @mentaway Twitter: @gismullr

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Website design Trends So they can Disappear in 2014

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 4:09 pm

If you’re anticipating changes that include starting a brand new year, you can also be excited to be informed what styles of trends are emerging within the website design world. What the majority aren’t talking about, but ought to be, are the kinds of design trends which are on their way out, which of them ought to be unnoticed and those who are unlikely to be seen again after the frosty morning of January 2nd. Listed below are lots of styles which might be dying out fast. Some are bad design, but a few of the following have merely fallen in favor because they shined a touch too brightly in 2013.

Homepage Sliding Banners

These eye-catching banners gave the look of an excellent idea once upon a time. They’re brightly colored, show visitors a wealth of knowledge and feature the advent of being interactive. Most of the people, however, find them more distracting and annoying than anything, so they’re falling quickly in favor of more truly interactive and no more gaudy design, like single-page scrolling and easy drop-down menus.


Extensive Fill-Out Forms

Getting a user’s information is key for certain aspects of running a web based business, whether it’s an e-commerce site or a straightforward blog that has a contact form. However the days of seeing a whole page of questions, extending into optional areas that visitors now intentionally skip for fear of offering information it’s used purely for marketing is at the wane. Asking lots of questions only serves to alienate possible customers, and by chance websites seem realizing that.


Circular Script Logos

Using a script font within a circle, either outlined or filled in, monogram or full title, was the peak of cool logo design, but such a lot of people used this look, including individuals on their personal websites in addition to professional companies, people became completely burned out by it. There is a resurgence of this style some day, but it’s safe to claim most are steering away from this overused badge.


Flash Intros

Remember these attention grabbers? Flash intros can still be found here and there on ostentatious and out of touch websites that haven’t updated their look, but for probably the most part people have moved directly to simple design and limited features. Videos are great, and flash prepared the ground for them, however the music and animation just appear to annoy visitors now, who want more control when they’re surfing and less surprises.

Web Design Trends That Will Disappear in 2014

Too Many Fonts

Everyone knows typography is essential, and it’s a whole lot of fun to play with, but it’s essential that you simply show restraint when using typefaces on logos, websites and business cards. It’s particularly obvious when someone without graphic design experience develops a domain, as they have a tendency to complicate the look with a shocking array of assorted fonts. Fortunately, even amateurs are learning to cut back and use not more than two, maybe three fonts on the most.


Complicated Design

If you thought having a great number of icons, design elements, fonts and contours means you’ve gotten a thrilling and interactive site, you are right, however the overall look is overwrought and overwhelming. As design trends move forward, they’re moving clear of complex to simple for a more enjoyable browsing experience. You don’t want visitors confused or lost; you simply want them to think your work is lovely. You’re unlikely to work out complicated successful websites in 2014.

Discovering the highly anticipated trends of the brand new Year has everyone buzzing, but it’s just as important to work out from where the styles are moving. Though most of these features were once incredibly popular, they’ve suffered without equal fate of rising to the end: total saturation. And which means fatigue. Beware of overly popular and overly hyped designs in 2014, or they could grow to be in an inventory similar to this a year from now.

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Branding Faux Pas You Won’t Make Twice

Posted on December 14, 2013 at 1:32 pm

The importance of a brand can’t be over-stated, it’s the face of an organization and the sole solution to communicate to the broader world exactly who you’re and what you do.

From the colors utilized in your logo to the sort face and your organization name, it all is representative of who you’re and should be carefully considered should you take your organization public.

Some companies have this entire branding thing all the way down to a good art; we are able to see a color, the form of a font or hear a slogan and immediately associate it with a far loved brand. The McDonald’s arches are a wonderful example, as is the Coca Cola font and that ever so vivacious yet classically American shade of red.

You’d think these mega-companies have their branding strategy sussed, yet through the years even these two have made branding faux pas so huge they make it into the faux pas hall of fame.

Think lovemarks, not trademarks

According to Kevin Roberts worldwide chief executive at Saatchi and Saatchi, successful brands ‘don’t have trademarks, they’ve got lovemarks instead’. As a firm strives for brand loyalty, they’re forming an emotional bond with their customer base that frequently has little to do with the standard of the product itself.

Coca Cola

In 1985 Coca Cola tried to rebrand the corporate so as to compete with their sweeter cola drink rivals- Pepsi. The recent taste came under a brand new name, New Coke, which aggrieved the yankee public a lot that sales dropped and mere months later Coca Cola relaunched its original drink under the name ‘Classic Coke’.

Branding faux pas you won’t make twice image by phloxii via Shutterstock

Coca Cola had spent a century branding itself because the real thing, only to suddenly tell people it had got it wrong and this was the recent, sweeter coke. Ironically the stark failure of latest Coke acted in Coca Cola’s favour, with the relaunch reaffirming the public’s loyalty to the all American drink that had once greeted Apollo astronauts on their return to earth with ‘Welcome back to earth, home of Coca-Cola.’

Harley Davidson

A company with an audience, a mystique even, of robust, rugged masculinity that’s so poignant its customers don’t even care that its product doesn’t have the finest engine, shouldn’t go around producing perfume and baby clothes.

Branding faux pas you won’t make twice image by miqu77 via Shutterstock

For a little while in the course of the 1990s Harley Davidson did just that. By over-extending their brand so dramatically, Harley Davidson were alienating their unconditionally loyal customers with products that didn’t match the Harley Davidson mythology of the liberty of the open road that the logo was built on.

Do your research

When expanding into international markets, it sort of feels fairly obvious that words and phrases mean various things worldwide, including slang. An error brands have made again and again is not really doing sufficient linguistic research into the rustic they may be about to introduce their product to. This could include chatting with a local speaker.

Branding faux pas you won’t make twice image by Maksim Kabakou via Shutterstock

In the 1980s a successful Finnish windshield washing company took their product to the united states in an try and expand their market. Yet their innocently named cleaning agent, Super Piss, came a-cropper when it was discovered that the latter a part of the name had an additional meaning in American-English.

While in Finland pissapoika refers back to the jets where the windshield fluid comes from, it meant something far more crass to an amused American market.

Similarly when the dairy industry mastermind behind the famous slogan ‘Got Milk’ was taken to Spain, they neglected to translate the phrase for his or her new customers who read the slogan as, ‘Are You Lactating?’.

Expensive mistakes

We all make mistakes, and as we’ve already seen even huge established brands may have costly lapses in judgement after they run within the wrong direction with a product. Sometimes companies or ideas fail because their product is outdated, or on the subject of Harley Davidson they’d simply ventured into unsuitable territory for his or her brand.

However, sometimes a branding faux pas can all be attributed to a foul idea, and bad market research. As some companies have learnt the hard (and really expensive) way, you can’t force a customer to purchase a product they don’t want.

Sony and Godzilla = $60million

In 1998 the movie world learned the ability the web has over the cinema-going public, with films like Godzilla and the large amount of cash spent on its campaign (which included recruiting P Diddy to rap through one of the expensive promo videos of all time), proved ever more pointless with the discharge of the Blair Witch Project. The budget film reached unexpected levels of success with a fair lower budget campaign.

Each of those events didn’t play out as Sony had intended; rather they were aiming for a celeb Wars mega-franchise that each one started with big budget effects within the movie and was supported by an equally large marketing budget.

Unfortunately for Sony, the entire project was dramatically over-hyped with little deal with the top product, which was greeted with resounding disappointment, and overall negativity.

RJ Renolds = $325 million creating smokeless cigarettes

Branded as ‘Premier’ cigarettes and launched in 1988, shortly after passive smoking was officially recognised as a danger to health. The U.S. company spent $325 million trialling smokeless cigarettes; the decision –

‘Inhaling Premier required vacuum powered lungs, lighting it virtually required a blowtorch, and if successfully lit with a match, the sulphur reaction produced a smell and a flavour that left users retching.’- Reporter Magazine

In 1996 the corporate relaunched the product using coal to heat the tobacco, and thus creating less smoke; this failed again despite the hot name ‘Eclipse’.

Smokeless cigarettes appealed to those that don’t just like the smell of cigarettes; otherwise called non-smokers who don’t are inclined to buy cigarettes.

Branding faux pas you won’t make twice image by Maksim Kabakou via Shutterstock

Lessons all brands should keep in mind of

Markets are in a relentless state of flux, particularly those heavily reliant on fashion trends and technology.

The more successful a brand becomes the more it pigeon holes itself inside the one market; McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Harley Davidson learnt this the hard way. It also makes it difficult for brands to evolve because the overall market changes and advances, it is very important innovate but not over-extend your brand, to anticipate trends but to not over-reach.

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Selecting the right website developers Northampton

Posted on December 11, 2013 at 4:11 pm

The internet has been developed to become a powerful tool today as it helps to facilitate
interaction and exchange of global information. A lot of businesses are seeking
the help of website developers Northampton in order to make an impact in the virtual
world. The internet has become a powerful platform where business organisations
communicate with prospects. Hence, the need of a good business website is

A lot of businesses commit the mistake of creating mediocre websites. What they fail to
understand is that the website speaks about the business. A business prospect
cannot get in touch with the officials of the company if they have any queries,
so the company websites act as the assistant of the business. One should be
extra careful about choosing a reliable website designer that would create a
professional looking website that serves the business purpose right. There are
indeed many website developers Northampton available around; however, one
should make the right choice by selecting the most reliable and experienced
designer for designing his company website.

There are several factors that one needs to consider when selecting a website developer.
Following are top four reasons that one should take into consideration and make
the decision accordingly.

Technology Platform
– There are different technologies that are used by website designers to create
websites, so you should make sure to check on the one that uses the most
advanced technology platform. The technology platform should also be widely
used so that if any problem arises you can take the help of other developers
too. Some of the common ones are Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Portfolio & Design Aesthetics – It is important to check the portfolio of the designer
company you are considering for your designing job. By checking on the past
works of any designer you can have a general idea about the quality of their
work. The portfolio serves as evidence about their experience in the field and
will help you decide better. If they are new to website developing then it is
not a wise idea to hire them for designing your website. If they have a good
portfolio then you can gauge their designing style and see if it meets your
expectations. If you feel that the designer has a reliable portfolio but you do
not like his taste then you should not consider moving forward with him.

Service – Customer service is very important when it comes to selecting a
designing company. A lot of companies are available when it comes to welcoming
a new client but when it comes to helping them later then they become busy. A
lot of customers need improvements in their websites at a later point of time
but many companies fail to meet their demand.

Cost – The cost
of designing services offered by website developers Northampton is also an
important factor to consider while selecting a developer. You should make sure
that the charges are right and not too high. It is also important to remember
that not all high charging website developers are reliable and similarly, not
all low charging ones are unreliable.

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