Email Marketing Design Tips

Posted on June 23, 2014 at 8:45 pm

One of the most amazing things about e-mail marketing is that you do not have to be an expert to create a good looking campaign. Majority of e-mail marketing service providers provide pre-designed templates for their clients to use. However, with already designed templates, you have a number of design decisions to make for instance the fonts to use, the colours, the size to make the fonts and also the text you should include. The following are some of the best Email marketing design tips you should know.

Include your logo each time in the same location 

It is important to build your brand with every marketing electronic post you send. The best way to do this is by including your logo in all your communications in the same location. You might include it in the header or somewhere within the message. However, do not conceal it completely as this will prevent the reader from seeing it.

Always have the preview pane in mind

A study conducted by Marketing Sherpa shows that 70% of recipients with the ability to read an email through a preview pane actually do. This means that not all of your subscribers do actually read all your mails. Therefore to ensure that they read most if not all your messages, it is essential to include your logo as well as including some enticing information about what is contained in the email in the preview pane. This will get them interested into reading what is contained in your message.

Use colour for emphasis 

Although it is good to use colour in your mails it is important to resist the urge to over use the colours. Use of a lot of colours might make your piece of mail look ugly and unattractive to your subscribers as well as readers. If you want to use colours it is advisable to use your company’s colours; colours that represent your brand. But for emphasis you can use colours that are outside your brand. You can use these unique colours to point out important things in your message for the reader to see, read and understand that particular thing with ease.

Reduce the number of fonts you apply

The recommended fonts to use for the best email marketing design are two fonts. For example you may use standard fonts like Times New Roma, Verdana or Arial. This is because they make it easy for the reader to see and read the contents of your message with ease. If you use or apply fonts that are less common, the computers of your subscribers and recipients might make substitutions that can entirely change the format of your electronic message.

Be precise and concise 

When it comes to proper email marketing design, it is a good idea to always go straight to the point. It is important to point out that most people scan through messages they receive. They rarely give you the opportunity to capture their attention. Therefore if you go round in circles and fail to engage them you will definitely lose them. The first few words of your mail should be enticing and captivating to get your audience reading the remaining parts of the message.



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