Making your website user friendly

Posted on August 18, 2014 at 8:52 pm

Websites are ultimately designed to either give information or sell a service or a product. Your target audience may differ depending on what industry you are in, but the main aim should be to make your site easy to use and professional for the end user. We often get a bit carried away with the Search Engine Optimisation of a site that we lose sight of what the customer actually wants. SEO plays a massive part in a websites success, but this needs to be balanced with usability to create a great site. If you are worried that your site has got over complicated, then take a step back, imagine you are a potential customer and try and use the site as if it was the first time you had visited it. If you struggle to do this then maybe find a family member or a friend and ask them to take a look. Sometimes we miss things that are actually fairly obvious. A website is all about balance and at the end of the day if it is not suitable for the visitor, the chances are they will leave.

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