Always use high quality images on your website

Posted on October 12, 2014 at 8:46 pm

Images and graphics can be a massively important start of a website and really can make or break it. No one likes to see pixelated images and graphics that are so small you cannot make out what the image is of. Surprisingly this still happens on so many sites and the owners are often oblivious to the impact they may be having.

Low quality images can give the viewing the opinion that your company is not professional and do not take pride in what they do. It can also show that a company is dated and do not keep up to date with technology improvements.

If you do not have quality photos to upload then either purchase some that allow you to use on publications or call in the photographer to take some images of your products / workmanship. Make sure that if you are using images from another source that you have the correct royalty rights to use it on the media you wish. Many companies will allow you to use their images for personal use such as a school project but not for business use.

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