5 Most Effective Web Development Tips

Posted on June 23, 2015 at 4:02 pm

Just like fashion, web development is changing rapidly with new fads and tends coming and going. When it comes to development of a website with a professional impression, you must keep everything updated and on the trend. Here are some tips to develop a professional website.

Keep in clutter free and clean

The modern world is a bit cluttered and the internet is no exception. Banners, icons, Ads, signs and buttons can get quite heavy. So you need to safe your site visitors from all the clutter and noise. The most effective way is to embrace things like white space and flat design. This will give your visitors great experience as they navigate your website. Keep your site simple with the most crucial content spotlighted.

Apply visual hierarchy 

Visual hierarchy is a term meaning that eyes focus to web space in a specific pattern. This is a pattern that can assist you optimise vital content on your website. For instance, if you develop a sign up button, you want as many visitors as possible to click it and follow through during the sign up process. Put the most important information on areas where your visitors focus most when they visit your website. If you put too much information in only one area of your site, your visitors will be overwhelmed and you will not get the results you are aiming.

Make your test easy to read and understand

Text is vital for your website. The text you provide on your site should be able to offer information and provide answers even before they are asked. So, do not make your readers find it hard to read and understand the text you provide. Here are simple tips to observe to keep your text simple to read.

  • Ensure your color blend well together.
  • Do not use very small font.
  • Stick to less than three fonts which are user friendly.

Make use of the mobile version of your site

In the modern days, many people access the web through their mobile devices. To take advantage of this high number of mobile users, you have to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Make sure that you site can be accessed in full using the different mobile devices without a lot of problems. The good thing is that the Wix site builder is fully equipped with a mobile editor and is ready to be used fully to ensure that your website is fully optimised for mobile devices.

Create a great portfolio website

If someone wants to hire a web developer, the first thing they look is your website portfolio. The home page of your website should not be third party if you are in the business of web development. Your portfolio should be accessed easily from the first page and a contact form should be available for your visitors to reach you out. Note that your website is the chance for you to demonstrate your expertise in this field. So, take full advantage of it.

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