Web news – finally Gmail have an ‘Undo send’ option on emails

Posted on June 29, 2015 at 8:42 pm

How many times have you typed an email, hit send and instantly spotted a typo or even worse realise that you’ve sent the email to the wrong person? More times than most would like to admit!

Well finally this has been recognised by one of the leading email providers Gmail. They have now rolled out a permanent feature to their email accounts meaning that you can cancel an email from being sent up to ten seconds after hitting the send button. This option, which has to be selected in the email settings, means that all emails are deferred from sending by ten seconds, giving the sender the option to cancel if they spot a mistake.

The pressure is now on the other email providers to offer the same service so let’s see who is the next to follow suit.

So if you have a Gmail account and can afford to delay your emails by 10 seconds why not give it a go, it could save the embarrassment of sending the wrong email to the wrong person ever again!

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