Designing your Website Around Images and Content

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 9:19 pm

The images and content you use are the real ‘meat’ of your website. They are going to be what give it substance, make it unique and give your potential customers a real flavour of what your business is like. If you don’t have images and good content in the first place, this is going to make the web design process harder.

Often, a site will be designed around the content and image layout. This is due to the structure that the content has been given – if there are subsections, smaller paragraphs and bullet points, the design need to correspond to this. It is often a lot easier for a web designer if they have the copy first.

If you are designing a site for a client, try to get their images first. The site will feel instantly more personal and appealing once it uses their images. If you can do this from the off, they’re more likely to be sold.

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