Web Marketing Agency vs In-House Marketing Department

Posted on December 16, 2017 at 6:28 pm

Many businesses wonder whether it would be more beneficial for them to hire a web marketing manager, or use an agency. Both options have pros and cons, which will be discussed here to help you make your decision.

In-House Marketing Department 

The main benefit is that the person or people you hire will have excellent knowledge of your business. They will have a thorough understanding of what you do and will be up-to-date with products and new developments. You will also be able to directly discuss campaigns with them whenever you need to. The downside will be the cost and office space you will need.

Marketing Agency 

Lots of businesses opt for an agency because they don’t have the resources to have their own marketing department. An agency isn’t a bad option anyway, because you will have access to people who are highly experienced and very well informed about their industry. The downside may be the lack of control – not all agencies are good and meet deadlines.

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