Are you going to keep your online business even after restrictions are lifted?

Posted on June 9, 2021 at 12:12 pm

Many businesses had to turn to online marketing and sales during the Covid pandemic as their physical shop or business premises had to shut down. The businesses that were able to continue trading could only do so virtually so a website or social media accounts were vital.

As we see lockdown restrictions lifted and more and more people being able to resume more of a normal life, it may be that you feel your online business is not needed anymore, but there is always a need for online marketing. It may be that some of your customers are not local to you so would never of used you had it not been for your virtual presence. Often the biggest cost in time and money is the initial set u of a website or social media profiles. Once all this hard work has been done, it makes sense to keep them running. You want to give your customers and potential customers many different ways of communicating with you and making a purchase from you. Even after all social distancing measures have been removed, there may be some people that still do not feel confident going out in to shops yet, so it is important to offer them other options.  

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