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Should you Invest in a New Website?

Posted on September 26, 2017 at 1:14 pm

Websites aren’t going to be cheap – the good ones aren’t, anyway. Company owners often wonder whether a new website will make much difference to them. If this is the position you are in and you’re questioning whether or not to get a new website designed and built for you, here are some points to consider:

  • Does your website perform as well as you want it to? If the answer is no, you may want to think about getting a new website to bring in more traffic and sales.
  • Do you sell online? eCommerce sites need to be well designed and highly functional, so that customers will trust them and will be happy to spend their money whilst using them.
  • Does your website rank well on search engines? New, well-designed sites rank higher, making it easier for your customers to find you. Choose a new website if you want better rankings.

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Getting Good Copy Written for your Website

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 10:49 pm

Good copy is an essential part of your website. The design and the functionality is essential as well, but if your copy isn’t right and makes no sense, you are going to struggle to draw people in. They need to use the words to follow instructions, know what to do and how to buy your products, as well as to understand the products and what they are about.

You should hire the services of a professional copywriter to get your website’s content written to the highest standard possible. A good copywriter will also know about SEO and will put your content together to optimise your website for search engines. If you want to find a copywriter, look online or speak to the designers who are putting your website together, as they will usually know of somebody who will do a good job. Pay fairly, as a good copywriter is worth the money.

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Making your Website Suitable for your Target Audience

Posted on February 17, 2017 at 3:47 pm

The internet is a busy place and you need to have a website that will work for your target audience. If they don’t like your website, they will simply go to one of your competitors to spend their money instead. It’s so important that your audience will respond to your website in the right way.

First of all, make sure you know your target audience inside out. This might sound simple but it’s something that many businesses don’t do well enough. Don’t be too vague or too generalised. You should know exactly who your ideal customer is. This will help to inform the design of your website – for example, if your target demographic is the 16-24 age bracket, make sure your design is modern and up to date.

You will need to make sure that your audience can use your website easily. Functionality is so important and you should keep this in mind all the time. You may want to use heat maps to find out where people are clicking, giving you a more thorough understanding of how people make use of your site. This will help you to make strategic website improvements.

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Improving your site

Posted on August 31, 2016 at 4:26 pm

Your website should be a portal to your business. If you are offering your services online only, then your website will also be the first and only impression of your company a customer may have and therefore it needs to work well and offer them a great level of service.

If you are finding that your customers are not completing the sales process then you can analyse your website and see where people are leaving. If it is the page where prices are shown it could be that your prices are too high.

Always evaluate the sales process on your site firstly to make sure that there are no glitches that would stop people from completing the process but also to check that the process is not too long winded and therefore putting people off. Often companies try and gather too much information off people such as email address, phone numbers, date of births and addresses that may not all be required.



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Updating your website

Posted on July 31, 2016 at 10:36 pm

A website, like most things will age over time and will need to be updated in order to keep it secure, on par with the competition and what your customers want. You can often add new functionality to a website and upgrade certain elements but there may come a time when you need to start a fresh.

Often you can keep certain elements of the site the same and you should try and not change everything otherwise your customers may doubt that it is the same company. If you are using this as an opportunity to rebrand then a quick note to say that you have had a facelift and that your level of service remains the same but your website may look different, is often enough to give your customers peace of mind.

Make sure that you repoint any old URL’s to new pages in order to not lose rankings and to avoid visitor disappointment by going to a broken link.


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How to track the progress of SEO

Posted on April 20, 2016 at 6:39 pm

SEO is harder to track than some of the other online marketing techniques or products such as Google Adwords. This is because it can take months to see the benefit and unless you are tracking the positioning of a good number of keywords and phrases and/or traffic to your site, it can be almost impossible to see if it is working well.

You need to ensure that you check where your website is prior to starting any SEO work to give you a true view of the improvements that it is making once it has started. There are many different tracking software packages available and often you can only establish which one is most accurate by trailing them. Most will offer a free trial for a short period to allow you to do this.

You also need to be able to check how many visitors you are getting to the website and where these visitors are coming from i.e. Google organic, Adowrds, Bing etc. This will then give you a good starting point to work from.



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Analysing your marketing

Posted on March 8, 2016 at 1:12 pm

Online marketing is a great way to boost your business. It may be that you want to build up your brand name and get your logo recognised or maybe you are looking to increase footfall in to your local premises or increase traffic through to your website. Whatever you’re reason for doing online marketing, you should always spend some time analysing the results to see what has worked and what hasn’t worked.

If you are trying to increase the traffic through to your site then you can quite easily check if it is improving by looking at your stats package. Most servers have a stats package set up on there to show you information such as visitors, pages viewed and time spent on site etc, but if you don’t have access to this then you could install Google Analytics.

Once you have a way of tracking how your marketing is helping you to achieve your goals you can then check to see if it is worthwhile continuing with that marketing avenue.


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Converting visits in to sales

Posted on February 17, 2016 at 9:25 pm

It may be that you have quite a good amount of traffic going to your website but not many of these are converting in to enquiries or sales. This can happen for a number of reasons but often it is that you are targeting the wrong audience.

When working on marketing strategies, some companies think it is best to go for volume, so they will try and attract as many visitors as possible hoping that a percentage of them will then convert in to sales. This is a risky strategy as you may find that you are spending a large amount of your marketing budget on visitors that have no intention of purchasing a product or service from you. This is especially true of you are targeting them via Adwords or other Pay per Click programs.

Ideally you want to ensure that the terms in which your website is showing up on the search engines for, is something that you can offer, regardless of it is through Pay per Click or organic.

If not, then your customers will leave and often not return having been disappointed with what they were shown when they clicked on your link.

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Improving your website

Posted on January 19, 2016 at 7:59 pm

It is easy to leave a website for months or even years without doing anything to it, assuming that it will just tick along. This is often not the case and if you do this you can be asking for trouble. Not only may you be missing out on technical advances within your industry that you should be including in your site such as online calculators but you can also finding yourself moving down the search engine rankings at a fast pace.

Recovering from a loss in rankings can be tricky and can take a lot of time, mean while you could be missing out on a large amount of potential customers. Ideally a website should be updated at least once a week with fresh content and any new products / service you offer. This will give your customers the best experience on your site whilst also improving your search engine rankings on sites such as Google and Bing.


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Having confidence in your website developer

Posted on July 31, 2015 at 9:25 am

A website developer can play an important role in marketing your business. It may be that you are looking to invest in a website for the first time or that you are wanting to upgrade your current site, taking it to the next level.

When choosing which web developer to use, one of the most important points to consider is do you have confidence in their ability? This can be anything from their time management skills and sticking to deadlines, professionalism or technical knowledge and skills. Ideally you want to find a programmer that has been recommended to you by others or one that can show you clear examples of their work and even allow you to contact some of their current clients to get feedback from.

It is vital that you have a good relationship with your web developer in order to take your business to the next step. They need to understand where you are now and where you wish to take your online business – whether it be allowing people to buy your services or products online or obtaining more enquiries.

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