Choosing colourways for the design of your website

Posted on April 23, 2014 at 12:33 pm

When deciding upon which colours to use for your website, there are definite factors that you should consider.  The first is your brand identity. You need to have a look at your current branded stationary, clothing etc. Your website should have a similar look and feel to your current logo / brand so people feel confident that they have arrived at the correct site if they are already aware of your brand. Often websites have a totally different colour way and sometimes even logo to that in a business card. This often confuses people as they may think that this is another company with a similar name to yours.

Another thing to consider when choosing the design of your website is how attractive the site looks. A site that is too busy or dark for example can put some people off and make you lose enquiries just from lack of a thoughtful design.

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